Action cameras

An action camera is a small lightweight camera that can take adventurous shots and is easy to carry. Most action cameras shoot in Full HD and therefore offer a perfect quality. They are waterproof, shockproof and thus are used for numerous applications and situations. An action camera is a lot smaller than a normal camcorder and has fewer options, but can shoot relatively long (several hours). It is a very popular device for professional outdoor athletes. Our extensive range includes, inter alia, action cameras of the brands GoPro and TomTom. You will also find various accessories in our range for action cameras.

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For each recording and sports a action camera

Filming while you are exercising, while both hands are free. That's what an action camera is perfect for. What could be more fun than filming yourself while you are doing something special? For example, a parachute jump, skiing or mountain biking. An action camera is very compact and very easy to attach to your helmet, steering wheel or dashboard. This allows you to record videos of your (sports) activities without hands.

Recording capabilities

Apart from the wide angle, an action camera is also suitable to capture many images per second. From 60 fps in 1080p mode, up to 120 frames per second in 720p (and more frames per second at lower resolutions). Normally cameras film with 24 to 30 frames per second but now you can use those extra images for slow playback of your action video.

View images

Some action cameras come with an (optional) colour screen where you can see the images live or delete the images which were not expecting your needs. If you wear the camera on your head, it is not necessary to have an additional screen. Action cameras usually allow you to use your smartphone or tablet to view live images or change settings, thanks to Wi-Fi functionality.

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