Advice for choosing the right security camera


With a good security camera (IP camera), you can observe anything. Do you want to keep an eye on your child, follow the beautiful processes of nature or stay informed of activities in and around your home? It is possible to see what is happening in or around your house live on your smartphone. But, what makes a security camera the right one for your situation? Below, you can read which security camera is best for you, your situation and your needs. 




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What is an IP camera?

Nowadays, almost all cameras are so-called IP cameras. IP stands for Internet Protocol, which means that the camera can communicate through an IP network. In most cases, the camera is equipped with a microphone and in some cases also a loudspeaker, allowing remote communication with, for example, a visitor.

What should I look out for when purchasing an IP camera?

Determine beforehand for what purpose you want to buy a security camera. For example, consider the angle of view and the distance to the objects you want to monitor. 

The advantages of an IP camera

Instead of the slow, old analogue security camera, an IP camera is easy to connect (often wirelessly) to a network. This makes it easy to view and manage the images from your computer. Other advantages of an IP camera are mostly its possibilities. For example, immediate storage of images to a (micro) SD card, immediate e-mail notifications, or live-streaming on your smartphone or tablet.

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