Camera remote controls

Choose for convenience, choose a remote control for your camera. With a remote control for your camera, you can operate your camera from a distance, ideal for capturing wildlife and moving subjects, allowing you to shoot and film without touching the camera and disturbing the recording. Most remote controls for cameras feature a timer, ideal for selfies and group photos!

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Features of the remote control for a camera

A remote control for a camera has various support options in addition to shooting from a distance. Supporting features of such remote controls include, for example, an interval timer, long time mode, self-timer, timer recording and shutter lock.

Compatibility of the remote control for a camera

Take a look at our extensive range of remote controls for cameras. Please check for compatibility when purchasing. For example, look closely at the brand of the remote control for a camera. In our range you will find several brands of remote controls for cameras, such as Nikon, Canon, Hama, Hahnel and Photospecialist.

Buy your remote camera online

Choose for convenience and control camera from a distance. Find in our wide range the remote control for a camera that you're looking for! Buy your remote camera online. Do you have questions? Visit our customer service. We like to help you.

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