Bean bags

With bean bags, you provide extra support for your telephoto lens when you photograph the wildlife. In our range you will find bean bags that are either yes or not filled. If you buy a bean bag that is not filled, you can fill it yourself with the desired filling (for example beans or rice). A bean bag is ideal for positioning your camera on a rock, car or fence.

14 Item(s)

14 Item(s)

Different bean bags

Most bean bags have a camouflage look, which is ideal for wildlife photography. However, there are also big differences. For example, the size, weight, yes or not a strap, filled or not filled. Take a look at our wide range and find the bean bag that fits your needs.

Buy your bean bags online

Provide extra support for your telephoto lens with bean bags. A bean bag reduces the chance of camera vibrations. In our wide assortment you will find all kinds of bean bags. Did you find the bean bag that you are looking for? Order it online! Do you have any questions? Visit our customer service. We like to help you.

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