A Cactus product gives you more control over the incidence, power and appearance of light, which gives you more chance of success as a photographer. The company was founded because the photographer was not optimally served on the above-mentioned level. By studying comments on blogs, suggestions from current users and extensive product tests in their own studio, Cactus ensures that your wishes as a photographer are becoming more and more fulfilled.

10 Item(s)

10 Item(s)

Cactus photo products

Cactus considers it important that the high-quality products are available to any photographer by offering them at an affordable price, while maintaining the high standard of quality. The products are designed from start to finish in Hong Kong by qualified and experienced professionals. Cactus is proud of its products and wishes Cactus users to be proud of the products they use and the photos they shoot.

With Cactus wireless flashing is a pleasure

Cactus is especially famous for its excellent wireless flash products. Cactus Wireless Flash Triggers allow you to place multiple flashes at different angles and distances of your subject. This is especially useful for portrait and product photography. The high quality flash ignitors can be obtained at an affordable price. Cactus has ensured that you can ignite both Canon, Nikon and Pentax flash using TTL.

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