Canon printer

The most beautiful prints are made with a Canon printer. A Pixma printer is not only beautifully designed, it also provides state-of-the-art printing and durable ink cartridges. In addition, wireless connectivity is possible with virtually any printer. And that makes life a lot easier. You can control the printer via a smartphone or tablet. Canon also took into account the photographer who wants to print photos at all times. There are also small, mobile Pixma's available, which allow you to print photos instantly everywhere. A Canon printer is the perfect terminal for your workflow.

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16 Item(s)

A Canon printer can do almost anything

The all-in-one Canon printer is a multifunctional power pack that takes a key place in the current digital era. These Pixma printers can be used to print documents and photos, as well as scanning images. For example, you can digitize old photos or important documents such as a passport or driver's license. The advantage is that they are equipped with Wi-Fi, which allows easy and fast operation. And that's defenitely true if you choose a Canon printer with an LCD color display.

Make professional prints with a Canon printer

Also for the professional photographer, a Canon printer is a great choice. For example, to print high-quality prints for customers, for example, on A3 or A2 format. The printers Canon designed for these purposes have multiple printheads that spray the ink on the photo paper with extreme precision. You are assured of a beautiful display of your digital photo. As a professional, you can present yourself optimally with a Canon printer.

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