Flash Sale


Like all products, photographic equipment also has a limited availability. That means cameras, lenses and accessories will not always be available. Sometimes it is no longer interesting for suppliers to include a product in their range. There can be all kinds of reasons for this. Or sometimes the product is simply no longer produced by the manufacturer. For example, an accessory may no longer be compatible with a newer camera model. These extinguishing products are given the label ‘stock clearance’ and end up in our sale category. Once the last copy has been ordered, it will also disappear from our website. Do not wait too long to order, because the product can suddenly be gone!

Our sale makes photographers happy

Photography is an expensive hobby. And in addition, new products are being launched continuously. Another new Canon camera or Nikon lens. It never stops. The advantage of this is that photo equipment is often replaced. New models for old models. And those old models will end up in our sale. The same applies to all kinds of camera accessories. That's why you can choose from a lot of interesting photography products on our sale page. 

Looking for an original gift? Have a look at our sale!

In our sale you can sometimes come across special products. For example, specific accessories ordered and returned by a customer. For example, you may find certain photographic equipment that is not available elsewhere. So if you are looking for an original gift for a fellow photographer, it is always advisable to have a look at our sale!

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