Cognisys Sabre Canon N 3-pin

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Cognisys Sabre Canon N 3-pin

The Cognysis Sabre is the next generation of camera triggering systems and is by far the most advanced camera trigger on the market today. It can be fully controlled by your Wi-Fi enabled computer, tablet or phone. This includes iPhone, Android, Mac and PC. Despite being extremely configurable it is also incredibly easy to use. It features two native modes (Manual and Auto) that let you get up and running in seconds.

Sabre uses a LIDAR sensor to allow for exceptional accuracy that is not affected by ambient light conditions. You can set the triggering distance by aiming it at an object or entering a distance. Sabre even has a window mode that can be set to allow triggering in between two distances.


  • Up to 15m (50 ft) range
  • Housing is completely weather-proof
  • Compact design allows for easy packing
  • 3 Outputs - Including Camera shutter, 1/2 Press, and an Aux output.
  • Built in 1/4-20 Tripod mount
  • Not affected by ambient light
  • Configure and control with your favorite mobile device - Wi-Fi enabled.
  • Internal rechargeable battery
  • Battery can be recharged with AC or solar power
  • Configurable sample rate for fast response or long battery life


  • Cognisys Sabre
  • Canon N 3-pin Shutter interface cable
  • Power/Shutter harness cable
  • AC/DC adapter (for charging and operation)
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Cognisys Sabre Canon N 3-pin
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Cognisys Sabre Canon N 3-pin

Cognisys Sabre Canon N 3-pin


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