Defective on receipt

Should your ordered product prove to be defective upon receipt, please notify us immediately after receiving the item, according to the return procedure. Legally, you have two months to do so after discovering the damage. However, we ask you to please do so within 24 hours, as it is very difficult to determine just how the defect originated at a later stage. After receiving the defective product, we will check the item first. If it turns out that the product is indeed defective, we will replace the product immediately. The return costs for the defective product will of course be refunded to you*.

Products that are damaged after receipt are non-returnable. Read about this in the General Terms and Conditions.

If you are unsure whether your product is defective, you can send an email to our service department at [email protected].

*Return costs per country:

CountryReturn costs
Ireland €14
Guernsey €18