Drawing Tablet

Edit your photos and files with more precision, using a drawing tablet. You can use a drawing tablet to accurately edit the smallest details of your (photo) files. A drawing tablet consists of a tablet and a stylus that you use to draw on it. The effects of different pen strokes are visible on the monitor. You can also use a drawing tablet to replace the mouse, for a more ergonomic manner of working.

18 Item(s)

18 Item(s)

Advantages of a drawing tablet

Drawing tablets are the ideal tool to easily create and edit visual material. The pressure-sensitive pen and multi-touch tablet allows you to digitally edit, draw or paint photos. With a drawing tablet, a world of creativity and innovation opens up.

Wacom drawing tablet

You can find a large range of Wacom drawing tablets in our selection. The innovative Wacom Intuos Pro pen tablet gives you the power to produce professional results. The Wacom Intuos Pro detects which software you use, and indicates what the best selections are for you. Wacom is proud to deliver innovative digital technologies and all support aspects of human creativity.

Do you want to purchase a drawing tablet?

We offer a wide selection of drawing tablets in the web shop. Purchase your drawing tablet online. Do you have any questions? Visit our customer service. They are happy to help.

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