Field Monitor

A photo camera or camcorder has its limitations; often the display is too small and the resolution is not high enough. Therefore, for professional shooting, the use of a field monitor is ideal. A field monitor is a portable battery-powered display Which shows what the camera is recording. A field monitor is often connected to a camera or camera installation. Field monitors vary in size and are two to three times larger than most camera displays.

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1 Item(s)

Advantages of field monitors

Field monitors are especially useful during interviews or when shooting from a very high position, making it difficult or even impossible to see the camera's display. Then an external field monitor is the best solution. A field monitor is also useful when viewing the image together with multiple people.

The use of field monitors

Even while filming with a DSLR camera, it may be difficult to monitor the recordings properly. Often the viewfinder is too small and the display is not positioned in a convenient place. Field monitors compensate this disadvantage. By using a field monitor, you make sure that you record everything that you want to record. Additionally, a field monitor makes it much easier to keep the focus on the subject.

Looking for a field monitor?

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