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Flash generators

With a flash generator or studio generator, you can give a studio or camera flash extra power. This allows you to photograph on (an outdoor) site perfectly. Your flash will always have power, wherever you are. Studio lights have never been more mobile.

2 Item(s)

2 Item(s)

Using a flash generator

The flash generators in our selection are portable and compact. You could see the generator as a portable power outlet. This makes a flash generator suitable for the travelling photographer, or for the studio photographer working at different locations. Some generators can even be expanded with an additional power outlet, giving you additional connections.

Advantages of a studio generator

The great advantage of using a studio generator is that it allows for faster recharging times of your flash. Because of these fast recharging times, you can take more pictures in a row.

Purchase your flash generator online

We offer various brands of flash generators, such as Innovatronix and Elinchrom.

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