Photos of food. You regularly come across them on blogs and social media. This blog will give you practical tips for taking food photography to the next level. That will come in handy with the holidays approaching! 

Styling is key

Instagram and Pinterest are full of pictures of food, beautifully styled and sophisticatedly captured. Positioning your food the right way can make all the difference in your photos. Styling is one of the most important factors in food photography. Make sure that the food you would like to photograph can be seen in its entirety. For instance, if you are photographing a hamburger, make sure that the burger doesn't disappear behind the lettuce leaves. Sometimes it could be a good idea to use a plain-coloured plate, to eliminate distraction from the subject.

Pay attention to lighting

When photographing food, you want to use the right lighting. The best lighting for food photography is soft, dispersed light. This prevents hard shadows and highlights. A proven method is photographing in the shade, with reflecting natural light. Do you want or need to use artificial light? Then make sure that you light the side of the subject, and not the subject itself directly. This allows the light to emphasise the texture and the details.

Try different angles

You can photograph food from any angle, but not every angle gives the desired result. Tip: determine where the main details of the food you're photographing are. Are they on the top, like with a bowl soup? Then photograph from directly above. If the details are on the side, like with a burger or a dessert with layers, photograph from the side. 

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