A lot of light and a small housing: the Profoto B10 is introduced as the smallest and lightest off-camera flash by Profoto ever. This new flash head is also characterised by its built-in flexibility and an ecosystem to grow with. A must for the studio photographer!

Size matters

Because size matters, Profoto has created the B10. This B10 is their smallest and lightest off-camera flash ever. With five times the power of a speedlight, the flash makes it easy to be creative with light at any shooting location. In addition, the light is a bright and dimmable continuous light which can be used for exposing both photos and videos. And all this wrapped in the size and shape of a camera lens. This means that the B10 fits easily in a camera bag. In addition to the size, this flash head is also lightweight and wireless. The B10 is therefore easy to take with you anywhere. Perfect for on-site photo shoots.

B10 Profoto


This B10 is more than just a flash head. You can use it to expose both photos and videos, because of the built-in continuous light. In terms of mounting, this newcomer is also easy and flexible. For instance, you can mount this flash head on a tripod or camera tripod, or simply hold this lightweight flash in your hands.

An ecosystem to grow with

Do you not want to compromise on creativity? Not a problem. This B10 from Profoto is compatible with various Light Shaping Tools. That way, you can shape light any way you want. Furthermore, this flash head is also compatible with all Profoto Remotes, so you can use it together with any camera brand. And not just with cameras. Through the Profoto App, you can also use Smart Connectivity to connect this B10 to your smartphone. Use this option to take your creativity to the next level. By using this app, you can take amazing photos with your smartphone and control the flash head remotely.

B10 Profoto

Available as Duo Kit

With the introduction of the B10, special attention has been paid to photographers who work on-site a lot. Shooting on-site brings many challenges. It already starts before you have left the house. How much equipment will you take to the shooting location and how will you transport this? If you bring too much, all the flashes and cables will get in your way. On the other hand, if you take too little, it will make it significantly harder to take a beautiful photo.

Profoto introduces the convenient B10 Flash Duo Kit. This Kit includes two B10 flash heads, packed in the stylish and practical B10 Core Backpack S. All you need to do is grab your camera and a couple of lenses and you're ready to go!

Features of the B10

  • Size and shape of a camera lens
  • Lightweight and wireless
  • Flash light with the power of 5 speedlights
  • Flexibility to mount on tripods or standard
  • Connectivity is possible through the B10 app
  • Compatible with 120+ B10 light shapers and AirTTL remotes

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