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5 Tips to start with photography

Everything you need to know as a beginning photographer

You get excited when you see all those beautiful snapshots others have made. Maybe you're going on a nice trip or starting a family, and you're wondering how to capture those beautiful moments. Perhaps you have tried a camera once and you long for more. Whatever the reason, you have decided to start photography. We’ll give you 5 tips, so you know what’s important when buying your camera.

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Tip 1: Learn the basics

Try to master the most important basic elements of photography. Start with the composition. This is because a composition makes or breaks a photo, as this can make the difference between a boring picture with a weird frame, and an amazing photo. Even if all settings are on automatic, a good composition can ensure a professional-level photograph.

Then, you can think about the exposure of your image. You adjust this using the exposure triangle. This consists of the aperture, ISO value and shutter speed.

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Tip 2: Which camera?

If you have experimented with photography, you can determine what important is to you when shooting. Do you like to adjust everything manually or let the camera do the work? What are your favourite subjects to capture? Are you interested in portrait photography or do you want to capture landscapes? Do you shoot mostly in daylight or do you want to shoot in lesser light as well? Do you want a DSLR camera, or do you prefer a Polaroid camera? These factors are crucial when buying your camera. If you know the answer to these questions, you can use our selection guide to buy the camera that perfectly suits your needs.

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Tip 3: Get to know your camera well

Do you own your favourite camera? Then it’s important to make full use of the options the camera offers. Look at the focus options and how to adjust them. It's a shame if you come home with beautiful photos that are all out of focus. Even if you think you know everything about your device, it may still be full of secrets. Take a look at the manual or search YouTube for videos about your camera. As a result, you often discover options you didn't know existed. Thus, you make the best use of your camera.

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Tip 4: Do it!

The best way to get to know your camera is to simply take lots of pictures. So take your camera with you at all times. You will discover opportunities to shoot beautiful pictures everywhere. You will also learn to photograph different subjects with various lighting conditions. Don't forget to take multiple photos. Take a step forward or backward. It seems like a small difference, but that may be just what makes an amazing difference. Sometimes you only find out at home that the photo is not quite to your liking after all. Bottom line: get moving and invest in a good bag to carry your camera and its accessories.

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Tip 5: Digital post-editing

Of course, you trust that beautiful photos will roll out of your new equipment. Yet sometimes you may need to give it some help. Photos can become even more beautiful if you edit them. Compare it a bit to the darkroom for analogue photography. The advantage of digital photo editing is that you see the end result immediately. Adjusting the contrast can make a photo much more alive. Give it a try and if you don't like it, you can always go back to the original.

Other tips

It is also fun for children to start taking pictures. We also have children's cameras in our wide range, so they playfully get in touch with photography, and it remains interesting to take pictures and edit them.

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