Jinbei FLII-500 Flash Kit

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Jinbei FLII-500 Flash Kit

The Jinbei Freelander series is a compact, easy to carry flash with a large flash capacity. The housing of the Flii-500 is made from high quality aluminium making it very robust. It is extremely compact and durable, and when the Freelander is fully charged you have about 350 flashes. Enough for any job!


  • Compact, easy to carry and large capacity flash
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Ideal for location work

The Jinbei Flii-500 Rechargeable Flash Set consists of:

  • Power Pack
  • 400 watt/second flash head
  • Li-Poly Battery (4600 mAh)
  • Charger
  • Charging Cable
  • Convenient carrying bag

Since its inception in 1995 Jinbei has specialized in developing high-quality studio flash, flash kits and accessories. Jinbei's products have won several awards over the years. The flash heads of Jinbei studio photography are very affordable putting them within reach for many more people. Because the flash heads are cheaper does not mean that they are inferior to more expensive alternatives and the Jinbei flash units guarantee a great result.

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Jinbei FLII-500 Flash Kit
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Jinbei FLII-500 Flash Kit

Jinbei FLII-500 Flash Kit


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