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Konus is an Italian producer of optical products such as binoculars, telescopes and microscopes. All products are manufactured with precision and care, allowing you to experience optimal viewing pleasure. Konus products are suitable for both the hobby and professional user. Whether you are looking for an optical instrument to hunt more efficiently, or wanting to study the night skies, a Konus optical product will make things clearer for you.


14 Item(s)

14 Item(s)

Konus offers high image quality

Konus makes products for both amateur and professional users. The products are of high quality and have a very complete finish. Whether you are looking for a birdspotting, astronomy, science or sports product, Konus has the right one for you.

Konus features

  • High quality and complete finish
  • A suitable product for anyone
  • Gives a clear image

Purchasing a Konus product

Konus values functionality without an exorbitant price tag. Do you have any questions about your purchase, or do you need some advice? Feel free to contact our experts, they are happy to help you.

Photospecialist offers a wide selection of Konus products.

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