Landscape photography: capture landscapes at their best

Did you know that besides portrait photography, landscape photography is one of the most popular forms of photography? In landscape photography the grandeur of a landscape is often captured in the photo. In the broadest sense of the word. Landscape photography can be a beautiful tulip bulb field or a mountain, but can just as well be a 'landscape' full of buildings.

In landscape photography, light is important. It can make or break the picture. You may have found just such a good place, if the right light is missing then you do not have the picture you had hoped for

Landscape photography: Must haves


Tips, tricks, news and reviews for the landscape photographer

Don't take snapshots, but real landscape photos

Don't take snapshots, but real landscape photos

When the holiday season arrives, it is the perfect time to use your camera more often. But how do you make sure your photos are beautiful, so you can look back with pride? Here are a few tips.

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