Leica Duovid 10+ 15x50 Black

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Leica Duovid 10+ 15x50 Black

Leica Duovid 10+ 15x50 black

The Duovid with the 50mm lens diameter and the choice between 10x and 15x magnification is a high quality binoculars. This Leica Duovid will bring you images with a very high detail previously only seen in telescopes. The 10x magnification mode has a stable image with great depth. You can switch over to the 15x magnification for great sharp details.

The excellent performance makes the 50mm Duovid also suitable for astronomical purposes. With the binoculars comes a binocular tripod adapter. The ergonomic design of the binoculars will help you in holding it in a stable manner.

The 15x magnification is perfect for observing shy birds size over long distances or for observing the moon on a clear night. The 10x magnification gives you a good overview of the nature and you can easily switch the magnification setting.

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Leica Duovid 10+ 15x50 Black
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