LensCoat 300 VR F/2.8 Nikon FG

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LensCoat 300 VR F/2.8 Nikon FG

LensCoat Nikon 300mm F2.8 VR II Forest Green

Walking around with a white (or black) lens near wild animals is the same as waving your arms - a certain way to chase away the subject that you are, once in your life, offered the opportunity to photograph. LensCoat Lens Covers masks your zoom lenses from 100 mm up to 800 mm and give you a much better chance to make that 'once in a lifetime' photo!

LensCoat Lens Covers are made from 100% closed-cell neoprene, offering protection from bumps, etc., with a camouflage-pattern fabric cover. LensCoat Lens Covers also protect your hands against the cold when you're shooting at low temperatures. They are easy to apply and remove and will not leave any marks on the lens. Of course LensCoat Lens Covers are waterproof.

Other features include: a clear flexible UV-PVC window over the AF/IS/VR controls and the distance scale. The LensCoat also has a small hole where you can see the red dot on your lens, allowing to easily change the lens without removing the lenscoat.

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LensCoat 300 VR F/2.8 Nikon FG
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LensCoat 300 VR F/2.8 Nikon FG

LensCoat 300 VR F/2.8 Nikon FG


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