Light meters

For a studio photographer, it is very important to be able to check the amount of light, so that the subject is properly exposed. This can be quite time consuming. Fortunately, there are light meters that can help you determine the right exposure settings. This is great for flash photography.

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7 Item(s)

Easy to use

Using a light meter may seem complicated, but it's actually very simple. A light meter operates on the basis of the exposure triangle, consisting of ISO, shutter speed and aperture. For most light meters, you enter the ISO value and one of the two other settings. Next, the light meter calculates very carefully which aperture or shutter speed you should use. Most light meters are equipped with a display, which allows you to read the correct settings quickly and easily.

Measuring emitted and reflected light

There are many different types of light meters, some with extra features. But all light meters are able to measure the light emitted. This is the light that shines on the subject. The more high-end meters can also measure reflected light, flash light and continuous light.

Purchase a light meter online

Light is an important part of a photo. Light forms the basis for a good photo. Many cameras have a built-in light meter. This meter indicates the amount of light entering the camera. But if you really want to be sure of correct exposure, then a light meter really comes in handy. We offer light meters from brands such as Sekonic and Gossen.


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