Memory Cards

You use a memory card to store your photos and videos. In our range you will find many different memory cards, such as SD cards, microSD cards and CF cards. When purchasing, note the card slot in your camera, it accepts only one type of memory card.

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1 Item(s)

Abbreviations on the memory card

There are SD cards, microSD cards and CF cards. But what exactly do these abbreviations mean? SD card stands for Secure Digital SDHC stands for Secure Digital High Capacity SDXC stands for Secure Digital eXtended Capacity Micro SD card stands for Micro Secure Digital CF card stands for CompactFlash

Numbers on the memory card

Besides the number of GBs, there are even more numbers on the memory card. These numbers indicate the writing speed and the class. The most common card has a Class 10 certification. This means that the card can handle at least 10 megabytes (MB / s) per second. Some memory cards are equipped with UHS (Ultra High Speed) certification. This listing represents the minimum number of MBs per second. For example at UHS1 this is 10 and at UHS3 this is 30 MB / s.

Buy your memory card online

In our webshop you will find different memory cards. Which memory card to choose is dependent on the circumstances. Did you find the memory card you were looking for? Order online! For more information and questions, please contact our customer service. We are happy to assist you.

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