Nikon Z 28-75 mm F/2.8 Nikkor PRE-ORDER

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Nikon Z 28-75 mm F/2.8 Nikkor PRE-ORDER

PLEASE NOTE! This is a pre-order. As soon as the Nikon Z 28-75 mm F/2.8 Nikkor comes in, we will work our way down the pre-order list straight away. Pay 50 Euros now, and the remaining amount of 999 Euros as soon as the lens is in stock with us. Expected delivery date: end of January 2022.

The Nikon Z 28-75 mm F/2.8 Nikkor is a full-frame standard zoom lens with a versatile focal range of 28-75 mm. This makes this lens suitable for both wide-angle and telephoto shooting, street photography, landscapes and portraits. The large fixed aperture of F/2.8 throughout the zoom range ensures that you can shoot impressive images even in poor lighting conditions, and it also offers a nice bokeh effect in portraits, for example. The Nikkor Z 28-75 mm f/2.8 focuses quickly and accurately, even when photographing a subject up close. In addition, this full-frame lens is also suitable for video: the zoom range is suitable for wide overview shots and for recordings with an average telephoto zoom, while variation in focal length is suppressed. The smooth control ring makes no clicking noises and can be used for precise manual focus or to adjust aperture, ISO sensitivity or exposure compensation. The housing of the Nikon Z 28-75 mm F/2.8 Nikkor is dust-resistant and splash-proof, and the coating makes the lens easy to clean.

Features of the Nikon Z 28-75 mm F/2.8 Nikkor

  • Full frame standard zoom lens
  • Versatile focal range from 28-75 mm
  • Fixed aperture of F/2.8
  • Focuses quickly and accurately, even at close range
  • Great for video
  • Smooth adjustment ring with intuitive controls
  • Dust-resistant and splash-proof


  • Nikon Z 28-75 mm f/2.8 Nikkor
  • Nikon LC-67B 67 mm Snap-On Lens Cap
  • Nikon LF-N1 Rear Lens Cap
  • Nikon HB-93A lens hood
  • Nikon CL-C2 lens case





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Image stabiliserNee
Minimum focal length (mm)28.0Focal point
Maximum focal length (mm)75.0Focal point
Fixed focal pointNeeFocal point
Number of aperture blades9Aperture
Maximum aperture (f)2.8Aperture
Minimum aperture (f)22Aperture
Fixed aperture zoom lensJaAperture
Aperture of 2.8 or fasterJaAperture
Length (mm)121Size & Packaging
Lens structure (elements/groups)15/12Lens system
Shortest focusing distance0.19Focus
Manual focusJaFocus
Auto focusJaFocus
LensmountNikon ZTechnical specs
Filter size (mm)67Technical specs
Dust & splash proofJaTechnical specs
Type of lens hoodHB-93ATechnical specs
Suitable for full frameJaTechnical specsIs the lens suitable for use on a camera with a full-frame sensor?
Magnification factor0.34xZoom & Stabilisation