Nikon Compact camera

The Coolpix series from Nikon consists of a series of different compact cameras. A Nikon compact camera is the perfect choice when you are looking for a small size camera, where ease of use and comfort are important. Thanks to the compact size, it is easy to carry a Nikon Coolpix with you at all times. With a Nikon compact camera you can capture all spontaneous moments in an instant!

18 Item(s)

18 Item(s)

Take the Nikon compact camera with you on vacation

The Nikon Coolpix compact cameras are easy to use. This makes them popular in many situations. Especially for vacations and days out, a Nikon Coolpix is ideal. Some cameras can even be used underwater, sometimes up to a depth of 10 meters! No worries about water splashes or a bit of rain. It also gives you the chance to capture your holiday from a different perspective. This makes it extra fun to share your vacation photos with family and friends.

Advantages Nikon compact camera

Nikon has an extensive range of cameras. Why would you choose a Nikon camera from the Coolpix series? It is important that you think of what you want to use the camera for. If you want to work with interchangeable lenses, a compact camera is not what you are looking for. But do choose a Nikon compact camera if you find the following important:

  • Easy to carry
  • Fixed lens
  • Discrete
  • Affordable

In short, comfort and convenience are most important to a Nikon compact camera!

Buy a Nikon Coolpix

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