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Nikon Standard lens

An SLR or system camera is often supplied in combination with a standard lens (also called kit lens). This type of lens has a focal length of around 50mm. This means that the angle of view corresponds to the field of view of a human eye. A Nikon standard lens can therefore be used for various photography purposes. It is not without reason that many Nikon photographers have a  Nikon standard lens in their camera bag.

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The advantages of a standard Nikon lens

A standard lens is often small and lightweight, unlike most other lenses. Because of this, the lens is easy to carry and should actually be in your camera bag as standard. In addition, a standard lens has a large aperture. This often provides a beautiful depth of field. Another big advantage is that Nikon standard lenses are relatively cheap. This offers many photographers the opportunity to experiment with a Nikon standard lens.

The versatility of a Nikon standard lens

A Nikon standard lens is most suitable for photographing subjects that are clearly visible with your own eyes. Such as, for example, the following types of photography:

  • Portrait  photography
  • Product  photography
  • Street  photography
  • Food  photography

If you want to photograph something from a distance or if you want to take sharp portrait photographs, we recommend choosing a different lens.

Buy a Nikon standard lens

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