Pentax SLR camera

With the Pentax SLR camera, you can take photos in any conditions without having to worry, as Pentax cameras have weather and dustproof bodies. Water, moisture and dust won't stand a chance! With the Pentax SLR camera, you will never have to hesitate to take your camera outside because it is raining.

18 Item(s)

18 Item(s)

Pentax combines creativity with ease of use

Lenses that go with full frame sensors are often larger, heavier and more expensive. If you are looking for a compact and user-friendly SLR camera, the Pentax is a good choice. Whether you are interested in landscape photography with wide perspectives, or are looking for a specialised camera for macro photography for instance, Pentax offers a camera that fits your needs.

Advantages of a Pentax SLR camera

  • Weather and dustproof camera body
  • Compact and user-friendly
  • Varied selection of SLR cameras

Purchase a Pentax SLR camera

You can find a large selection of Pentax SLR cameras in our web shop. Buying an SLR camera can be a big decision, that's why our customer service is ready to help you. Together, you can find out which Pentax SLR camera fits your wishes the best. Feel free to contact one of our experts!

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