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ProAm was founded in 2003, its founders having worked in video and film industry before that. This is where they first experienced how exciting it is to work with camera mounting equipment. After spending a year on its development, they marketed their first product: the world's first camera crane that doesn't need tools for the settings.

1 Item(s)

1 Item(s)

ProAm's mission

ProAm's mission is to make it easier to make outstanding videos and incredible movies by producing well-designed, high-quality crane and jib systems for high-end amateurs, professional photographers and film makers. ProAm finds that boosting the next generation not only helps the industry, is also really fun. Every year, ProAm offers students the opportunity to win prizes for both themselves and their school, at the International Student Film Competition.

ProAm DVC210 Camera Crane/Jib

With the ProAm DVC210 Camera Crane you can make crane shots by yourself, even without a large filming budget. The DVC210 is designed for use with SLR cameras. The ProAm Camera Crane is so light and versatile, that you can use it for all your filming purposes. Pans, zoom-ins and dolly styles will look very smooth, something that is not possible with hand-held.

ProAm Pro Tripod Legs & Bag Kit

The ProAm Pro Tripod Legs & Bag Kit provides safety for professional HD cameras on any terrain, making it a perfect addition to a Manfrotto 501HDV or 503DV head. Because of its large load bearing capacity and weight, the ProAm Pro is highly usable. The ProAm Pro legs can be extended to a length of 160cm. The kit comes in a carrying bag, making it suitable to bring with you on vacation or shoots on location!

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