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Rail systems

A rail system is a convenient tool for making stable recordings. The camera can easily be mounted on the rail and then the camera can be moved from left to right. This allows you to photograph a subject from different angles, which in turn allows you to play with different depth of field settings.

7 Item(s)

7 Item(s)

Electronic rail system

We also offer electronic rail systems in our selection. Using a remote control, you determine in which direction and at what speed the camera slides over the rails. In addition, we offer systems that also control the camera activation. For example, it can automatically combine all the photos into one image. This results in a clear photo. This makes a slider a must for the macro photographer for instance.

Rail systems for film making

In the world of film making, rail systems are used as well. Using the rails, you can move the camera along with the subject. This ensures smooth shots. Contrary to what many people think, a slider doesn't have to be big at all. This is just inconvenient when transporting it, and you can achieve quality results with a smaller system as well.

Smooth surface

To achieve stable shots, it is important that you place the rail system on a smooth surface. Some systems are equipped with a spirit level, so you can see exactly when the rails are level. We offer rail systems from various brands in our selection, such as Jinbei, Nanguang and Cognisys

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