Really Right Stuff MTX Multi-Tool

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Really Right Stuff MTX Multi-Tool

The quick release plates from Really Right Stuff are attached using hex socket screws. With this multi-tool you can easily loosen and tighten these screws.

When developing this tool the objective was to:

  • Readily contain all tools required for any given outing with RRS gear.
  • Provide sufficient torque with minimal effort.
  • Be pocket-able for immediate use as needed.
  • Be stow-able in or on our TVC tripods.
  • Be affordably attainable to our customers.
  • Add value to our customers’ current stable of RRS gear.


  • Can stow inside TVC-3/2 Series center column so it’s always available when you need it.
  • Can stow under your TVC-3/2 platform so it's always available when you need it (Note: remove MTX and re-install hook to platform before hanging weight from the hook).
  • Driver handle is nicely textured for grip and comfortably fits the hand.
  • 10 bits plus one stubby 3/16” hex key (for TVC-3/2 series leg-to-apex joint tension adjustment) fit conveniently inside the handle.
  • Unique 3/16”-drive bits are compact and allow more tools in the handle.
  • Cross-tip bits are JIS screw compatible, perfect for most small screws found in today’s cameras.
  • Can be used as a portable height extender for the TFA-01 Pocket Pod.
  • The threaded shaft and anodized butt-cap socket are 3/8”-16 industry-standard compatible.
  • Extra bits are conveniently captured in their own holder, stowed in a compact screw-cap storage canister.
  • Handsome black nylon handle contrasts beautifully with the stainless steel bit shaft & RRS maroon anodized butt-cap.
  • The MTX is so compact and versatile you’ll want to outfit every camera bag and car glove box with one!
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Really Right Stuff MTX Multi-Tool
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Really Right Stuff MTX Multi-Tool

Really Right Stuff MTX Multi-Tool


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