Second hand tripod

Eliminate vibrations, use a tripod. Using a tripod when filming or photographing allows you to prevent the vibrations that cause camera shake. In addition to second-hand tripods (monopod and tripod) you will find all kinds of accessories in our webshop, such as tripod heads, ball heads etc. 

13 Item(s)

13 Item(s)

Selection of second-hand tripods & accessories

A tripod is a much used accessory by photographers. The tripod with three legs is the most commonly used. You can adjust a tripod effortlessly to the desired position. The tripod is ideal when taking photos from the same angle. A different variety is the monopod. This is a tripod with one leg. Monopods are often used at sports events and places where a tripod is impractical.

Advantages of second-hand tripods & accessories

Aside from the fact that second-hand products are less expensive than new products, there are 3 other good reasons for purchasing a second-hand product:

  • Always a properly functioning product
  • Checked by professionals
  • A 1-year warranty on second-hand items

Buy your second-hand tripods & accessories online

Did you find what you were looking for? Order your second-hand tripod & accessories online. If you have any questions or would like some advice, feel free to contact our customer service. Our experts are happy to help.

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