Sony SLR camera

With the Sony SLR cameras you can take sharp, clear and professional photos. The cameras have a control wheel to quickly adjust settings. The cameras from Sony are also equipped with a sturdy handle for balanced shooting, even when using heavy lenses. The top of the SLR camera has a separate display. You can use this to quickly check the settings when shooting from hand or from a tripod.

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Features Sony SLR camera

The Sony SLR cameras have different characteristics. You can make super-fast continuous shots with automatic focus with phase detection. With the bright Tru-Finder you get an exact preview of your final shot with the correct exposure settings. The image processing processor faithfully reproduces structures and details through extra fast processing possibilities. This allows you to experience minimized emphasis on edges, less noise and improved clarity.

Features Sony SLR camera

  • Tilting display
  • Sturdy grip
  • Automatic focussing
  • Less noise and improved clarity

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With the properties of the Sony SLR cameras you can make beautiful, sharp and clear photos. Do you want to buy a Sony SLR camera? View our wide range and choose the camera that suits you. You can also contact one of our experts for a suitable advice. We are happy to assist you with the purchase of your Sony Handycam.

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