Swarovski Stay-On Case ATX

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Swarovski Stay-On Case ATX

Sophisticated modularity to the smallest detail: the new stay-on case protects your ATX angled telescope and is as flexible as ever whether with camera adapter, telescope rail or change of objective modules. The zoom and focusing ring are accessible at all times.

The protective Stay-On- Case from Swarovski Optik features a tough and durable green and black Cordura exterior with a soft padded interior. This protective form-fitting sheath zips into place to provide a secure skin-tight fit. While its main function is to protect the scope from bumps and abrasions when traveling, in storage, and in use - it is also a carry-case that is complete with a shoulder strap and the appropriate attachment hardware.

The Stay-On-Case is just that - a case that stays in place during observation. It allows full access to all of the scope's features, including the retractable sunshade. Conveniently placed snaps and zippers allow the front and rear covers to be removed quickly, and then snapped securely off to the side so they don't get wet, dirty, or lost.


  • Form-fitting rugged Cordura nylon exterior
  • Soft padded interior protects scope's exterior
  • Snap and zipper closure for quick access and ease of use

Use and Handling

  • Secure skin-tight fit does not slip
  • Protects scope from bumps, scratches, moisture, dust
  • Allows full access to focus wheel, mount, eyepiece, sunshade
  • Comfortable neoprene shoulder strap for transporting scope
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Swarovski Stay-On Case ATX
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Swarovski Stay-On Case ATX

Swarovski Stay-On Case ATX


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