Tiffen 58mm Wide Angle UV Protection

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Tiffen 58mm Wide Angle UV Protection

Tiffen 58mm Wide Angle UV Protection

Please note, you can not use your existing lens cap

This filter protects your lens and absorb UV light. Film and video are more sensitive to ultraviolet light than our eyes. This sensitivity is reflected as a bluish haze in images, especially in images taken from high altitudes and over large bodies of water.

UV filters are the most commonly used filters, they often provide better quality pictures, however that is not the reason why most photographers purchase these filters. These filters are used primarily to protect the lenses. Scratches on the lens surface are extremely annoying and sometimes visible in the photo. In order to reduce the chance of damaging the lens you can screw a filter in front of the lens. You would rather replace a filter instead of a lens. A UV filter can remain permanent on the lens because there is almost no light loss.

UV filters are available in a variety of UV absorption levels.


  • Provides basic protection against UV light
  • Popular protective filter
  • Protects your photo and video camera lens against dust, dirt, fingerprints, scratches and other damages.
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Tiffen 58mm Wide Angle UV Protection
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