Tripod Mount

A tripod mount is an accessory to attach your lens to your tripod. By attaching your lens to your tripod, you move the center of gravity of the camera to the lens and relieve your camera. A tripod mount is mainly used on (heavy) telephoto lenses.

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17 Item(s)

How does a tripod mount work?

A tripod mount is a (steel) ring that allows you to easily place your lens. This ring contains a screw thread for your tripod head or quick release plate. When you just place a telephoto lens with the camera on the tripod, it is completely out of balance and this makes it difficult to shoot.

The benefits of a tripod mount

Using a tripod mount is the whole is fully balanced on your tripod head. This makes it easier for you to photograph. Additionally, this does not cause too much pressure on your camera's connection to your lens. Especially with larger telephoto lenses this is ideal.

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