Tripod Mounts

A tripod mount is a ring that supports your lens when your camera and lens are on a tripod. The tripod mount moves the center of gravity of the lens. This will better distribute the weight of the lens, which causes the camera's lens mount to be less heavily loaded. Especially with larger and heavier lenses, the use of a tripod mount is recommended.

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Tripod mount for more balance

Most tripod mounts are screwed on a tripod. It is the ideal tool for balancing your camera lens combination while filming or shooting. Because it increases the stability of your tripod, you can focus on shooting beautiful footage. So you can enjoy your camera even more!

Choose the correct tripod mount

Not every tripod mount is suitable for any type of camera. Therefore, when buying a tripod mount, it is important to pay attention to the compatibility. The ring has to fit the lens. Our range includes tripod mounts suitable for Canon, Nikon, Sony and Leica cameras.

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