TTartisan C35mm+ C17mm+ C50mm Sony E

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TTArtisan C35mm+ C17mm+ C50mm Sony E

This set consists of three prime lenses with focal lengths of 35, 17 and 50mm. The lenses have a Sony E mount.

TTArtisan 35mm F/1.4

The TTArtisan 35mm F/1.4 is a wide-angle lens with a fixed focal length of 35mm and a maximum aperture of F1.4. The bright F1.4 maximum aperture gives you great control over depth of field. This is also very beneficial when working in low light. 

Features of the TTArtisan 35mm F/1.4:

  • Suitable for portraits, street, landscape and reports
  • Flexible wide-angle lens
  • Manual focus
  • Aperture blades: 10
  • Fixed focal length: 35mm
  • Lens structure: 7/6
  • Maximum aperture: F/1.4
  • Minimum aperture: F/16
  • Angle of view: 45°
  • Minimum focus distance: 28 cm
  • Filter size: 39mm
  • Weight: 180g

TTArtisan 17mm F/1.4

The TTArtisan 17mm F/1.4 is a wide-angle lens for mirrorless cameras with a large aperture range. The lens is suitable for street, interior, landscape and documentary photography, among other things. With a maximum aperture of F/1.4, this wide-angle lens gives room for creativity, even in low light situations.

The 17mm lens produces a 25mm equivalent focal length compared to the full frame 35mm format and has an angle of view of 81°. The lens has a minimum focusing distance of 20 cm and with a weight of 248 grams, this lens is very suitable for capturing beautiful journeys.

Features of the TTArtisan 17mm F/1.4 MFT:

  • Suitable for street and documentary photography
  • Manual focus
  • Aperture blades: 10 
  • Fixed focal length: 17mm
  • Lens structure: 9/8
  • Maximum aperture: F/1.4
  • Minimum aperture: F/16
  • Angle of view: 81°
  • Minimum focus distance: 20 cm
  • Filter size: 40.5mm
  • Weight: 248g

TTArtisan 50mm F/1.2

The TTArtisan 50mm F/1.2 is a wide aperture prime lens with a fast maximum aperture of F/1.2. This allows you to isolate your subject from the background very nicely, but you can also enjoy very good low-light performance. This TTArtisan lens also has a Sonnar Optical Design. This design favours sharpness and reduction of distortions. You can also focus manually with this prime lens. This offers you the possibility to focus from a distance of only 50 centimeters. Finally, the aperture consists of no less than 10 blades, allowing you to create a beautiful bokeh quality.

Features of the TTArtisan 50mm F/1.2:

  • Prime lens
  • Sonnar Optical Design provides sharpness and less distortion
  • Manual focus
  • Aperture blades: 10 
  • Fixed focal length: 50mm
  • Lens structure: 7/5
  • Maximum aperture: F/1.2
  • Minimum aperture: F/16
  • Angle of view: 32°
  • Minimum focus distance: 50 cm
  • Filter size: 52mm
  • Weight: 336g

In the Box:

  • TTArtisan 35mm F/1.4
  • TTArtisan 17mm F/1.4
  • TTArtisan 50mm F/1.2





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