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  1. How to capture spring in all its glory
    How to capture spring in all its glory

    Spring is the season where we get to see the sun again, watch the little lams playing around ...

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  2. The world of macro photography
    The world of macro photography

    When you think of macro photography, the first thing that pops into your head is probably nature. That makes sense, because ...

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  3. Beauty and the beast
    Beauty and the beast

    Frogs, toads, spiders, scorpions... You'll probably already get the jitters even before getting a closer look at these animals. That's too bad ...

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  4. Camera ready? Action!
    Camera ready? Action!

    No day is the same for film-set photographer Chris Raphael. One day he shoots a fast chase in a desert in Africa and the other day a lighted shoot-out in the Paris metro. But his cameras are always the same ...

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  5. Bird photography
    Bird photography

    Spring is rapidly approaching and many birds are slowly but surely making their way back from the warm South. And whether you like small, colourful singing birds or impressive ...

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