5 jaar garantie

5-year warranty

Extend the warranty on new equipment

Nothing is more annoying than a defective product. Most equipment comes with a standard two-year warranty. In some cases that's not enough though. Expensive equipment in particular is something you want to keep for longer. That's why, in 2016, we specifically created the Kamera Express Warranty Plan. With this, we extend the warranty to five years, so the statutory guarantee doesn't lapse.

How does it work?

Kamera Express - 5 jaar garantie

Buy a participating product

View the participating products for the 5-year warranty. Whether you want camera, TV or audio equipment, anything over €200 is included.

Kamera Express - 5 jaar garantie

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Did you buy a participating product? Write a review about your experience with the product.

Kamera Express - 5 jaar garantie

Request your warranty

Do you have your invoice and review at hand? Please fill out the claim form within 30 days and extend your warranty to five years.

Conditions for the additional warranty

• It applies to products with a price of more than €200.

• Purchases made at Bol.com do not participate in this promotion.

• The warranty only applies to the participating items, even if you fill out other items on the registration form. Other items purchased at the same time do not count for the promotion.

• The 5-year warranty is personal and therefore not transferable.

• The warranty does not cover damages due to falling, impact, moisture or sand.

• The warranty does not apply in case of loss or theft.

• This promotion does not apply to demo models, used models, outlet models and pre-orders.

• The 5-year warranty cannot be applied retroactively.

• The 5-year warranty only applies after an promotion form has been completed correctly and entirely on the website.

• Additional warranty only applies to the completed serial number.

•Only fully completed promotion forms will be processed.

•There is no need to send the warranty card or submit it online to the supplier yourself. Photospecialist takes care of the warranty request for you..

•If you wish to make use of your warranty, you must always show the printed confirmation of your registration in combination with your invoice.

•If you wish to make use of your warranty, you must always show the printed confirmation of your registration in combination with your invoice. After completing the above form, you will receive a confirmation by email. Print the confirmation and store it somewhere safe.

•If the product cannot be repaired or can be replaced for a new product, a depreciation of 1% per month applies, which is calculated from the date of purchase.

•Wear and tear due to professional use are not covered by the warranty.

•Dead pixels are excluded from the 5-year warranty.

•No claims can be derived from printing, typing or spelling errors.

•The 5-year warranty application must be submitted within 30 days of purchase.

Participating products

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