Camcorders with their fast autofocus and many functionalities are completely optimised for both novice and professional film-makers.




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    Camcorders with their fast autofocus and many functionalities are completely optimised for both novice and professional film-makers.


    What is a camcorder?

    The camcorder is a combination of a video camera and a video recorder. The device operates by the light emitted by the lens on the sensor, which converts the light into a signal. After all, the signal is recorded by the recorder on a medium, previously often on VHS or Betamax and nowadays on an SD or CF card. In response to the heavy type of video camera used in the television world, Sony designed the Betamovie in 1983, followed by JVC VHS-C camcorder and the 8mm video format of Kodak in 1984. Since 2006, all camcorders have become completely digital and work with memory cards instead of tapes such as VHS.


    In various shots, the small sensors of camcorders make it easy to maintain composition and sharpness. The telephoto zoom lens can also be used to achieve shallow depth of field, which gives a wonderful effect to the pictures. Today's optical zoom lenses have a range of up to 50x or more, with no loss of quality due to innovative software. Many cameras support various recording options, such as dual recording, backup recording and continuous recording. Manual operation also allows the user to change exposure, focus and shutter speed, among other things. Almost all new camcorders are equipped with a WiFi, in order to be able to quickly share, save or present images via tablets or TVs. More advanced models also offer the ability to capture time-lapse videos and slow-motion and fast-motion recordings.

    Camcorder VS. DSLR camera

    Camcorders are experiencing explosive growth in quality as a result of the popularity of the DSLR. This offers semi-professional and driven amateur film-makers in particular new impulses. The better handling of camcorders compared to photo cameras is further increased by large and qualitative monitor screens. Although electronic viewfinders are missing from many camcorders, the tilt and swivel screens are becoming more and more functional. The adjustability lacking in many DSLR and mirrorless cameras is offered by camcorders, as well as stability and a solution for reflections in the image.

    Image stabilisation

    The comfortable grip of camcorders makes them easy to handle when taking longer recordings, even without a shoulder tripod. In addition, integrated stabilisation systems offer enormous benefits. Both simple and more professional camcorders are equipped with it, some even over 5 axles to compensate for movement in all directions. The best stability is still offered by monopods and tripods with video heads. Shoulder tripods are practical for moving subjects and for mounting external microphones and LED lamps.

    4K Ultra HD filming

    In addition to Full HD, there is now the option to film in 4K Ultra HD, as with some Sony and Panasonic models. This super quality requires a display with 4K technology. The direct projecting of images, like with models with built-in projector, is also great.

    Affordable models

    Novice as well as experienced film-makers can benefit greatly from automatic functions during busy scenes. Add to that the more film-engineering features like slow motion and variable zoom and image frequencies and it becomes clear why camcorders are the first choice, especially when photography is just a by-product. Many affordable camcorders from JVC, Panasonic and Sony also offer excellent photo options. A special trend seems to have been started with mini Zoom camcorders, an expert in audio recorders that links its high tripodards for audio to video.

    Other accessories

    Of course, a good camcorder is not complete without additional equipment to record audio in high quality. Many high-quality camcorders already include these parts, but it is always useful to see if the sound recordings can be professionalised even further. Other additions include a suitable camera bag and memory cards.