Cognisys Rotary Table

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Cognisys Rotary Table

Use the Cognisys Rotary Table to add pan/tilt control to your camera. This Rotary Table can be operated with both the StackShot and the StackShot 3X. Especially in combination with the StackShot 3X it may be referred to as a sophisticated whole. Coupled with a macro rail it is possible to create virtual objects. It can also be combined with another rotary table in order to ensure controlled functionality with your camera, such as panning and tilting. Pan / Tilt control gives you the ability to capture extra large images or add these to motion in your video (or time-lapse or real-time).

The base of the turntable is fitted with a 3/8 inch-16 screw hole so that the table can be mounted without ball head. A major advantage of this screw hole mount is the possible mounting of an Arca compatible lens plate to the base.

Features of the Cognisys Rotary Table

  • Milled T-6061 Aluminum.
  • Durable anodized finish
  • Laser engraved degree tags
  • Gear wheels of high-quality metal
  • Powered by a NEMA 17 stepper motor
  • Compatible with StackShot and StackShot 3X
  • 3 / 8-16 screw holes in the top and bottom for flexible installation
  • 1 / 4-20 threaded adapters included
  • Neoprene Carrying Bag
  • Can be used with the most common Arca Swiss clamps with 30 mm and 45 mm spacing
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Cognisys Rotary Table
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Cognisys Rotary Table

Cognisys Rotary Table


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