Datacolor SpyderX Photo Kit

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Datacolor SpyderX Photo Kit

Choose your color and exposure settings with the SpyderX Photo Kit from Datacolor, which consists of three handy color calibration tools for all phases of a shooting and editing workflow. This kit includes the SpyderCUBE for achieving accurate exposure and exposure white balance; the SpydrCHECKR 24, for obtaining consistently accurate colors from shot to shot; and the SpyderX Elite, an advanced colorimeter to ensure your computer's monitor is colorfast.

SpyderX Elite Colorimeter

The SpyderX Elite from Datacolor helps to consistently get accurate colors from your monitor and is a calibration solution with a lens-based color engine for fast, accurate and versatile performances. The colorimeter pairs with SpyderX software to provide a range of calibration controls, ranging from a one-click wizard-guided option to an expert console for fine-tuning color, brightness and contrast for any application. The colorimeter includes an ambient light sensor for measuring prevailing lighting conditions and can automatically recalibrate your monitor to maintain consistent results.

The Elite version of the SpyderX increases the level of control and offers unlimited choices of calibration settings for everything from photo to video to scientific standard settings, and a monitor performance analysis feature lets you inspect the various aspects and uniformity of your calibration settings. . This software and colorimeter can also be used to calibrate digital projectors and multiple monitor setups, and can use StudioMatch to create a standard for all the displays you work with. In addition, the built-in soft-proofing helps to achieve accurate results when moving to print, tablets or other screens.

Spyder Checkr 24

Whether you're capturing still or moving images, you can use the Datacolor SpyderCHECKR 24 color chart to effectively balance the colors. With 24 saturated patches of color, you benefit from full-size spectrally designed patches of pigment, as well as two skin tones and six gray ramps. The SpyderCHECKR 24 also enables in-camera and post-process white balance and exposure adjustment.

Spyder Cube

The SpyderCUBE RAW calibration tool from Datacolor is a compact (1.5 inch / 3.8 cm square), digital color balancing tool that allows you to correct not only the color temperature, but also the exposure, brightness and black point of your images. The SpyderCUBE is a spectrally neutral three-dimensional tool that is small enough to fit in your pocket or camera bag and provides you with all the features you need to easily adjust your images during post-production. The multi-sided construction gives special attention to highlights and shadows and includes more image control functions than a gray card or white balance tool.

Simply place the SpyderCUBE in the lighting conditions under which you will be shooting. Orient the cube so that the bottom black face, containing the black trap, is at the bottom and the two split white / gray faces are both visible. Take a picture with the Cube. It takes several measurements so you can be confident that your colors are accurate, your shadows and highlights are properly exposed, and your image is adjusted to the ideal density regardless of the lighting conditions. These functions give you the data you need:

  1. Chrome Ball - Measures catchlight to analyze specular highlights
  2. White area (s) - Defines highlights in relation to catchlight
  3. Gray side (s) - Measures the color temperature and the response of the midtones
  4. Black Face - Defines shadows in relation to black trap
  5. Black Trap - Defines absolute black

Main features of the Datacolor SpyderX Photo Kit

  • Kit: SpyderX Elite, Spyder Cube, Spyder Checkr 24
  • Integrated ambient light sensor
  • Fast, accurate and easy monitor calibration
  • View images in full screen
  • Softproof function
  • Durable metal housing

Package contents

  • SpyderX Elite
  • Spyder Checkr 24
  • Spyder Cube





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