DJI RS 3 Pro Combo

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DJI RS 3 Pro Combo

Inheriting the powerful features of the Ronin series, the DJI RS 3 Pro is an advanced, comprehensive camera expansion platform that expands capabilities for videographers and provides professional crews with coordinated shooting solutions. With DJI RS 3 Pro, nothing is out of reach.

The DJI RS 3 Pro uses extended carbon fiber axle arms to provide more balancing space for professional cameras, making it a perfect match for cameras such as the Sony FX6 or Canon C70 with 24-70mm F2.8 lenses, allowing the creative possibilities are expanded.

The new Extended Lower Quick-Release Plate provides a more stable mount of the camera, and is convenient for installing lens mounts for secure settings.

To make balancing easier, an adjustment knob has been added for the tilt axis to allow more precise movement of the camera forwards or backwards, even down to the millimeter. Thanks to the Teflon® coated parts for lower frictional resistance, the RS 3 Pro can be balanced more smoothly, even when mounting heavy cameras.

With the RS 3 Pro, you can get started quickly and never miss a shot. When the gimbal is off, press and hold the power button and the three axes will automatically unlock and extend, so you can start filming in just two seconds. Press the power button once and the axes will automatically lock and go into sleep mode, making moving your activities and storing your belongings significantly more efficient.

The optimized structural design of the RS 3 Pro keeps the weight the same as the RS 2 at just 1.5kg/3.3lbs (including gimbal, battery grip and double-layer quick release plates), while providing a payload of a robust 4.5 kg/10 lbs, delivering powerful support with a lightweight body.

The built-in 1.8" OLED colour touchscreen offers a 28% larger screen compared to the RS 2, making it incredibly useful for setting parameters, checking shooting status and framing your tracked subjects. With the redesigned user interface, every setting is more intuitive and accurate.

To make focusing easier when shooting handheld, the Ronin 4D's LiDAR focus technology has been applied to the RS 3 Pro. The new LiDAR Range Finder (RS) can project 43,200 target points within an area of ??14 meters. It also features a built-in camera with an equivalent focal length of 30mm and a wide FOV of 70°, meeting the focusing needs of most scenarios.

Compared to conventional focusing technology, the LiDAR focusing system does not have to rely on the surface texture of the subject. This is especially useful in low-light environments or in complicated multi-subject scenarios and results in exceptionally stable focus in the shots.

Features of the DJI RS 3 Pro Combo:

  • Automated Axis locks
  • Greater touchscreen experience
  • Slick carbon fiber construction
  • LiDAR assistance
  • All-New focus motor
  • Long Range Wireless Transmission
  • Gimbal and focus control
  • Solutions for every scenario

In the Box:

  • Carrying case
  • Gimbal
  • BG30 Grip
  • USB-C charging cable (40 cm)
  • Lens mounting bracket (extended)
  • Extended handle/tripod (metal)
  • Quick release plate (Arca-Swiss/Manfrotto)
  • Handle with a wide grip
  • Lower quick release plate (extended)
  • Phone holder
  • Focus Motor (2022)
  • Combo mounting kit for focus motor rod
  • Focus gear strip
  • Ronin image transmitter
  • USB-C power cable (20 cm)
  • Mini HDMI to HDMI cable (20cm)
  • Mini HDMI to Mini HDMI Cable (20cm)
  • Mini HDMI to Micro HDMI Cable (20cm)
  • Multi-camera control cable (USB-C, 30 cm) 2 x
  • Lens Mount Strap
  • Velcro strap 2 x
  • Screw set
  • Fixing screw D-ring camera 1/4"-20
  • Screw 1/4"-20 2x
  • Screw 3/8"-16
  • M4 screw (10 mm) 6 x
  • Allen wrench (3mm)





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Maximum load capacity3000+
CompatibilityDSLR & mirrorless camera
Quick release plateJa