Photographing flowers: the most important tips

Flowers in full bloom naturally call for colourful flower photos. Have you always wanted to take stunning photos of flowers in your garden or in a beautiful flower meadow? If so, we're on hand to help. The following tips are sure to give you stunning, colourful flower photos.

Choose a low perspective

We naturally look down on flowers, but this is not the best perspective for photographing them. The results are photos that are frequently too static. Instead, if you're after stunning flower photos, you should drop to your knees or even lie on the ground. Choosing a low vantage point makes it seem as if you're right in amongst the flowers yourself.

Bring a mat or tripod

If you are shooting low to the ground, your clothes and equipment will quite likely get dirty. So be sure to bring a mat or bin bag along to sit or lie down on while photographing flowers. Or you could use a mini tripod, macro tripod or Gorilla pod. This makes photographing low to the ground much easier, without getting your clothes dirty.

Make sure there is minimal depth of field

When photographing flowers, you want to draw focus on one or more flower(s). Make sure there is minimal depth of field while shooting, this will create a blurry background. The blurry background creates more sereneness and focus in the photo. To achieve this, use a large aperture (low F number) and a short focal distance.

Focus manually

In flower photography, you naturally want to make details highly visible. With minimal depth of field, your camera has trouble focusing. It is important that you specify exactly what you want to focus on. By gently turning the focus ring, you bring a specific part of your subject into focus. So be sure to focus your camera manually!

Pay close attention to the shutter speed

Wind and motion are two real game changers when photographing flowers. Any slight movement by the camera or flower quickly results in a blurred picture. Reduce camera shake and ensure stability by using a tripod. A fast shutter speed also reduces motion blur. Keep a close eye on your camera's shutter speed and adjust it when necessary.

Take photos during the golden hour

Light plays an important role in photography and is crucial when you want to take pictures of flowers too. Bright sunlight often creates distracting, harsh shadows. The best time to take photos is around sunset: the golden hour. This is when the light is soft with warm colours. This gives an extra warm hue to your flower photos.

Limit your scope of work and be creative

Force yourself to work in a small area for all of your flower photos. While shooting, seek creative angles. Zoom in on the details that make the flower unique. Or make the field look fuller by playing around with perspective. In a nutshell: by limiting yourself to a small area, you will create more creative flower photos!

Have fun photographing your flower photos!

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