Jinbei 140cm Deep Reflective Softbox (incl. grid & Zoom Focusing System)

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The Jinbei 140cm Deep Reflective Softbox (including grid & Zoom Focusing System) is a softbox including grid and a zoom focusing system. The Jinbei 140cm Deep Reflective Softbox is a softbox with a light characteristic that provides soft light for fashion, beauty, glamour and portrait photography. Unlike other softboxes, it delivers even more direct light with higher contrast and harsher shadows on the subject.

The included zoom focus system allows you to use your softbox much more flexibly. With the help of the focus bar, you can move your light source steplessly in the light shaper. The light cone reflected in the softbox is thus reflected at different angles and thus illuminates your subject with uniform, focused light that tends to produce harder shadows. However, the hardness can be varied by moving the light source

A major advantage of this construction is that the light does not show the pointy light source as with a normal softbox structure, but is reflected completely evenly. This works especially well with parabolic deep softboxes, which have a greater depth with the same diameter as standard softboxes.

The Deep Reflective Softbox is equipped with the Bowens S-type bayonet and is suitable for many battery/studio flashes or LED continuous light lamps with the right connection. With its bar click mechanism, the light shaper is quick and easy to set up and ready to use in the studio or on location. To do this, tighten the ribs until they snap and mount the Deep Softbox on the light source - ready! This works easiest if you always clamp the opposite ribs one after the other. The softbox is just as easy to put back together: you lift the individual bales on the speedring base a bit, press the corresponding button and then release the baleen.

Variable lighting possible using the zoom focus system

You can vary the hardness of the light, i.e. the hardness of the shadows on your subject, by shifting the light source up to 40 cm. If you push the flash further into the softbox, the radiation angle of the reflected light is generally more focused and narrower and the shadows are harder. Pushing the flash further out of the softbox increases the beam angle of the light and softens the shadows. The scale displayed on the focus bar helps you reproduce your light settings without deviations.

With a screw cap, you can easily secure the focus rod. At one end of the rod is the Bowens flash head speed ring, where the light source, e.g. a studio flash or a permanent LED light, is easily attached via the Bowens S-type bayonet. The sliding bracket of the focusing rod has a reflective softbox adapter to which the softbox is attached, completing the illuminated, reflective inner surface of the light shaper. The focusing rod holder also has a tilt function, which allows you to point the softbox further up or down as you wish.

At the other end of the focusing rod is a hook to attach the supplied sand counterweight. This prevents the softbox and light source from becoming unbalanced when you slide the light source out of the softbox. The zoom focus system has a spigot adapter so that it can be attached to all common light stands.

With the included grid, you get a more intense, focused light. With the honeycomb grid you highlight the subject more precisely and controlled. Use the honeycomb grid without diffusers, work with harder, more contrasting and more direct light.

Features of the Jinbei 140cm Deep Reflective Softbox (including grid & Zoom Focusing System)

  • Jinbei 140cm Deep Reflective softbox, grid and zoom focusing system
  • More direct, even light with higher contrast
  • Including zoom-focus system for evenly reflected light
  • It is possible to focus the light cone and vary the shadows
  • Reproduceable shift of the light source up to 40 cm
  • Easy to open through the click mechanism
  • Silver-coloured inner coating
  • In and front diffuser for softer, less reflective light
  • Matching grid included
  • 18 ribs result in an almost round shape
  • Natural, round eye reflexes in portraits
  • The softbox / umbrella is tillable
  • Including practical counterweight
  • Changeable speedring
  • Space-saving storage
  • Including practical transport bag
  • Weight: 3.5 kg

In the Box

  • Jinbei 140cm Deep Reflective Softbox
  • 1 x Interior Diffuser, White
  • 1 x Front Diffuser, White
  • 1 x Grid
  • 1 x Zoom Focus System including counterweight
  • 1 x Transport Bag





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