Must-haves for Food photography

Whether you have stood for hours in the kitchen and want to photograph delicious dishes, or you want to take a snapshot of a beautifully presented dish in a restaurant, there are handy must-haves that ensure that your food photos turn out both perfect and original. Read on quickly because we have sorted them out for you and have listed them in a must-haves article.

Tripods | Reflector | Grey card | Studio background | Macro lens


A tripod is indispensible when you get started with food photography. Perhaps you are taking photographs with a dim light or you want to take a good close-up. Even if you work with movement and a long shutter speed, a tripod is recommended for preventing blurry photos. Do you wish to vary with the angle that you take your photo? Then choose a tripod in which you can also place your camera vertically so that it hangs above the food. In this way, you take photos from above and you also easily record several dishes together, Check out our tripods here.

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A reflector ensures that your subject is better illuminated. You can use reflectors to control, prevent, and reflect various light sources. For instance, the sun, light from lamps or natural daylight. In this way, the smallest details of your dish turn out optimally. The screens are often foldable, round or oval and foldable. So you can get hold of them very quickly when you are busy in the kitchen. Check out all the reflectors here.

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A grey card

The white balance is extremely important for food photography. Of course, you want the ingredients that you use for your photos to keep their original colour and look their best. When you take a photo with the grey card in the image of the camera, you can determine the correct white balance for the photo. It is important that the card is in the same lighting as the food and that no shadows fall over the card. In this way, you ensure that you make peoples mouth water with your food photos. View our grey cards here.

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A studio background

A studio background can give a photo more atmosphere and put more emphasis on a specific subject. For food photography this is of course ideal, because you want all the attention to be focused on the food. A studio background also ensures that it becomes easier to edit your photos. In addition, a background cloth is a way of monitoring uniformity in your creations. When you take several photos of various dishes or ingredients and the background is the same each time, this ensures familiarity and a focus on your subject. In addition, you can choose various colours and materials. For instance, paper cloths or textile. That is an easy solution after a day of cooking. View our studio backgrounds here.

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A macro lens

In fact, you can get started with all kinds of gear when you photograph food. However, if you want to take a professional approach, a macro lens is recommended. Because a food photo which really whets your appetite is often detailed. Macro lenses have a particularly short focus distance which enables you to bring your subject very close by. In this way, detailed and zoomed-in photography becomes much easier. This is guaranteed to deliver tasty pictures! View the various macro lenses here.

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