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Polaroid Now+ Generation 2

This is how you get the most out of your Polaroid camera.

In a world brimming with digital photography, it's important to dwell on the moments that otherwise pass by so quickly. The Polaroid Now+ helps you to consciously reflect upon, and capture, these moments. The nostalgic feeling you get when operating the camera, the design that evokes the 1970s and the photo being developed before your eyes all round off the experience.

But how do you go about using the 2nd generation Polaroid Now+ cameras? That's where we come in, with this blog.

Types of film l Operation l Polaroid App | Flash | Filters | Changing cartridges

What types of film to use?

To take photos with the Polaroid Now+, you need film on which to print the photo. This camera is compatible with two types of film: Polaroid i-Type and Polaroid 600. The Polaroid 600 film features a small battery and is really only meant for use with older Polaroid models. For Polaroid Now+, and its built-in Lithium-ion battery, it's better to use Polaroid i-Type film.

A popular theory is the need to shake the film after it is printed, but thanks to present-day technology, you no longer have to do that. In actual fact, shaking the film can cause spots in your photo during development. The best way is to set a new photo aside for at least 15 minutes: out of the sun and photo side down.

View the i-Type film here


Operating the Polaroid Now+

The Polaroid Now+ features two buttons that enable you to use various functions and basic settings. The button on the front of the camera provides access to three functions:

  • Press once for the 10-second self-timer (orange light)
  • Press twice for 'Double Exposure' (green light)
  • Press and hold for the shortcut to the self-set function (red light)

The button on the back of the camera provides access to two functions:

  • Press once to switch the flash on or off
  • Press and hold to activate exposure compensation.

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Polaroid App

The Polaroid camera is easy to operate on its own, but the Polaroid App makes it even easier. Plus, this app also gives you access to additional features such as Lightpainting, manual focus, Aperture, Tripod and Portrait.

The Polaroid App is very user-friendly, and explains all its functions upon first-time use. Do pay attention when you are in the App though. You see, it's easy to press the red record button by mistake, which will mean your camera immediately taking a picture. And you don't want that, of course!

Using Bluetooth, it is easy to connect your Polaroid Now+ to your Smartphone. The + button on the camera lights up blue when the connection is successful.

When to use the flash?

As you may know, exposure is key in analog photography. With the Polaroid Now+, use of the flash is almost always a must. More important to know though is when NOT to use the flash!

  • The Polaroid Now+'s flash has a maximum range of two metres. If your subject is farther away than two metres, it's better to turn the flash off. This is because, in terms of exposure, the camera's software no longer takes into account subjects outside this range, leaving you with a really dark photo when using the flash.
  • It's also better to turn off the flash on sunny days. Sunlight is more than enough to make a good photo. In this case, make sure you shoot with the sun behind you.

Using lens filters?

Several lens filters are supplied with the Polaroid Now+. Using these coloured filters, you can let your creativity run wild. The filters are very easy to fit, allowing you to quickly switch between them for maximum convenience.

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Changing the cartridge

The cartridge runs out after 8 shots, which is when you need to change it. To do this, first switch the camera off. Next, press the button on the side of the camera, which opens the cartridge compartment cover. You now have to use quite a bit of force to remove the empty cartridge from the camera.

Then, insert a new cartridge. Make sure the paper sits with the drawing facing up. This paper comes out automatically after inserting the cartridge, after which you can carry on capturing cherished moments.

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