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Tips to avoid forced portraits

With portrait photography, the person is central point of attention. A person is portrayed in the best possible way. Posed or not posed. But a good portrait is not just a photo of someone posing for the camera for a moment. It tells you who the person in front of the camera is. The twinkle in his or her eyes, a smile, a tear, the expression on the face, the posture. A portrait of someone is more than just a photograph. Of course, you want to capture this moment as spontaneously and naturally as possible. You want to capture what the other person is really like and get his or her story across in the picture. Perfection lies in not wanting to photograph perfectly because then you get forced portraits. But how do you create a portrait that is photographed spontaneously and naturally? We'll give you some tips!

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Tip 1: Have a chat

Get to know the other person a little better first by talking to them before you start the shoot. Introduce yourself and show interest in the other person. Remove any uncertainties. By doing so, you put the other person at ease. Have a nice chat, even if it's about small talk. By having a quiet chat with each other, your model simultaneously gets a little used to the environment in which he will soon be photographed.

Portrait photography

Tip 2: Let your model determine the location

By giving the model the choice of where to be photographed, you will be more responsive to their trust, making them feel more at ease. For example, the model may choose a familiar environment, a place that evokes certain feelings, or a place that means a lot to him. The rest of the setting is up to you, because after all, you are responsible for how and where you take the photo.

Tip 3: Photograph secretly

The model often knows when you are taking pictures of them, but take sneaky pictures in between official shoots too. For example, make a joke in between and then secretly take a picture. A person is often more relaxed when they know that no pictures will be taken of them. This sometimes results in beautiful pictures, and it is of course also a very spontaneous way of putting someone in the picture.

Tip 4: Patience is a virtue

Above all, take your time. Don't schedule a portrait shoot if you both don't have enough time. Portrait photography requires patience and trying out different poses. If you rush and shoot everything quickly, the model will feel rushed, and you won't get the result you want.

Tip 5: "Wow, what a beautiful smile"

Compliment in between shooting. It can be a compliment about the model's hair, clothing, face, attitude. Actually, any positive comments about the model are good, as long as it gives the person confidence.

Tip 6: Back to when

Instruct your models to close their eyes. Then have them think of something funny, beautiful or sad. As soon as they open their eyes, take a picture. Because your model is thinking back to that one memory, you are capturing a pure emotion, an expression that speaks and that is what you want.

Portrait photography

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