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Ring Flash

With a ring flash, you can easily light a subject evenly. This handy accessory is mainly used in macro photography, but it is also a perfect tool for product photography and nature photography. A ring flash creates circular illumination of the subject and the background.

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17 Item(s)

The light source of a ring flash

As the name suggests, the ring flash is a ring-shaped light source. The light is coming from the source in a ring flash. Typically, the camera flash is on top of the camera, so the light is cast over the object, as it were. The ring flash provides a shadow-free light, making shadows of the subject softer. In most cases, the ring flash isn't the only light source, but is used in combination with other light. In those cases, you can use the ring flash for determining the contrast in the image. You then light the darker parts with the ring flash, without creating hard shadows.

Ring flashes for various purposes

A ring flash is perfect for macro photography, because this type of flash is located close to the subject. With any other flash, chances are that your flash light will reach further away than your subject. This wastes a lot of light and casts long shadows. A ring flash provides more subtle lighting, making details more visible. A ring flash is also very useful for portrait photography, because it provides even lighting. The light output is more powerful here, resulting in the well-known halo effect.

Features of the ring flash

A ring flash is a unique tool that can be used for various purposes. The light transmitted gives the photo a certain vibe, highlighting the subject or person. With a ring flash, a circular reflection occurs in the eyes, which is usually seen as more beautiful. You can also play with the contrast yourself, which gives you control over the atmosphere of the picture. A ring flash is fitted on a camera lens with a screw thread. When purchasing a ring flash, keep an eye on compatibility. Not every flash is suitable for any type of camera.

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