StudioKing Teleprompter Autocue TEP01 for smartphones

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StudioKing Teleprompter Autocue TEP01

The StudioKing Teleprompter Autocue TEP01 is an autocue that you can easily attach to your smartphone and/or camera. By using this, you can easily look into the camera lens while watching the text scroll by during the shots. This autocue is ideal when you want to fluently tell a large amount of text on camera. In this way, you can provide viewers with a large amount of information with the prepared text. In addition to providing information, an autocue is also an addition if you want to sing songs that are still unknown to you, so you don't have to know the lyrics completely by heart. The TEP01 is fitted with a cold shoe at the top. This gives you the option to attach a microphone or LED lamp. Sometimes you will need a hot shoe adapter, because the attachment does not fit. You can attach it to the bottom of the teleprompter thanks to a camera bracket with a 1/4" screw thread. This allows you to attach it to any lamp tripod. 

When you choose to use the teleprompter with your smartphone, you will place one of the two felt plates of the TEP01, based on which one better matches the lenses on your smartphone. When you record with a smartphone, place the camera and the TEP01 on the supplied camera bracket. If you choose the camera, a mini ball head is included. After attaching, put the lens through the black cloth and tie it with the elastic that comes with it. When using your smartphone, attach the smartphone clamp to the TEP01 and place the smartphone in the clamp. This is possible with smartphones up to eight centimeters wide. This allows you to make both vertical and horizontal recordings. 

Now that you know how to put the autocue into operation, it's time for step two. You need another smartphone for the text display. To play the text on the autocue, you can grab the remote and turn it on. The remote operates on a CR20232 battery. You connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth. In this way, you can start the text and start recording. Find out what the correct speed is of scrolling the text so that you can read it well. You can download various apps that can support you. It is important to remember that you activate the app in mirror mode, this ensures that the text is shown in mirror image, so that it is displayed correctly. 

Features of the StudioKing Teleprompter Autocue TEP01

  • Suitable for smartphones and cameras
  • Ideal for recording videos and music performances
  • Easy to install for use
  • Mini ball head to fix the camera
  • Can be operated with a remote
  • Text display via apps


  • 1 x Teleprompter with mirror glass
  • 1 x Black cloth for camera
  • 2 x Black cloth for smartphones
  • 1 x Camera bracket
  • 1 x Smartphone adapter
  • 1 x Bluetooth remote
  • 1 x User manual







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