Six tips to capture your mouthwatering drinks

Food photography is an established part of the world of photography. There is another important subject on the dining table that you can capture beautifully and that is drinks. You can use these tips to photograph coffee, cocktails and soft drinks. Time to help you on your way

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Tip 1: Use of colour

First, take a good look around you. What main colours feature in the drink you want to capture? You can emphasise those colours in the photos. You could also opt for a contrasting colour. Think about blue and red. That will make your drink really stand out.

You are surrounded by colours, consider the kitchen utensils you use to make the drinks or the ingredients. You can incorporate them nicely in the background. Don't forget the background or surface for your photos. Doors, walls or even the floor are ideal as a background. If you don't have the colour you want, use background cloth.

Are you using many colourful props? Then use a calm background. If you keep things calm in terms of props, contrasting colours will work well. So all in all, make a choice. A calm background allows you to use more props and fewer props means more room for colours and textures.

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Tip 2: Props

Now that you have thought about the colours you want to feature in your photos, it's time for step two. Adding decoration to the photo beside the product you want to capture. Fruit, glassware, hands or kitchen utensils. They are all possible!

To add depth to your photo, you can play with the decorations. Place something behind or even in front of the drink. By playing with the foreground or background, your photo will have a lot of depth of field. That's the first possibility that you can create using props.

The second option is putting people or someone's hands in the photo. It always works! After all, you always have a pair of hands at your disposal, even if they are your own. By holding a drink or photographing someone's hand in the picture you add an extra dimension.

Tip 3: Cleaning

Fingerprints, traces of syrup or coffee creamer on the rim are things you want to avoid. So take extra care when pouring or garnishing your drinks. However, if you did have dirty fingers or spilt something, take the time to clean everything properly with a tissue or cloth. Would you like to be fully prepared? Then use gloves.

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Tip 4: Choosing glassware

It's logical you will use glassware with drinks. So when you are going to be photographing drinks that's the first thing to think about. At hospitality venues, drinks are served in the craziest glasses. So time to go shopping or search through your kitchen cabinets.

If you are a real coffee lover, it is important to think about the type of cups you need. After all, you don't use the same glass for every type of coffee. An espresso requires a very different type of glass than a flat white or an iced coffee.

You will also want a range of different glassware when photographing cocktails and soft drinks. So take a look around and buy whatever you think you will need. Tip: go out and about, it's a lot nicer than at home in front of the computer!


Tip 5: Daylight

With photography, light is of great value to take a successful photo. You can decide to photograph your drinks in a (home) studio or when you are at a hospitality venue. The photography location has a big effect on your choice of light. There are a few handy need to knows that will guarantee success.

First, look at the daylight in the room you are currently in. Are you taking photos at a hospitality venue or in your studio? Find a spot close to a window if there is one. Use as much daylight as possible! If you don't have enough daylight, you can use studio lights. They are definitely a handy tool for ensuring your photos are well lit. But if you use lights, you must pay attention to hard shadows that could be created. Also, keep an eye on how natural the light is because a yellow glow won't benefit your photos.

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Tip 6: Movement

Time to give you one more tip. You have read all about choosing the right light, right glassware and the options you have in terms of the background. Time for the next level! Ready for the challenge? Photograph your drinks in a more dynamic way by choosing movement. For example, try photographing latte art or pouring cocktails. If questions are running through your head, with these tips on capturing movement with photography you will be all set!

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